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Benefit app is a new and free steps counter app that counts your daily steps or health activity and rewards you with digital coupon code, Vouchers or gift cards from famous brands, for FREE (The Mancompany, Zoomin, Turms wear, Coolwink, Tagg Digital, Fassos, Oven Story, Oyo, Amazom Prime, etc
The more you walk, run, jump and burn calories, the healthier you get, the better the rewards you may earn

Pedometer app for walking

The winning formula:

easy-to-use Benefit app + great digital rewards + beautiful design + free (no subscription) = best pedometer, step counter & health app on Android or iOS

Health, Fitness & Money
Stay healthy, lose weight, get fit & win free coupons, vouchers and gift cards for getting in shape! Benefit app is the ultimate pedometer app that will motivate you to walk or run more every day

Best running apps for android

Running app


  • Free & easy to use Benefit app
  • Track and count steps & progress automatically and accurately: steps tracker, walking distance, calories burned, active time to improve your fitness.
  • No GPS, works for indoor exercises & outdoor activities (shopping, strolling, jogging) whether you walk, hike or run!
  • Check your steps data; as well as personal records.
  • Zero chrages to use the app or subscription, that’s all free!
  • Great motivation to walk daily: health, fitness & rewards for Best running app for android
  • Warm Up to improve your health & fitness and get rewarded!
  • Earn 100 coins daily (1 coin = 100 steps, 10,000 steps limit).
  • Watch video and earn more coins (1 video = 5 coins)
  • Exchange your coins for coupons, Vouchers or gift cards from famous brands(The Mancompany, Zoomin, Turms wear, Coolwink, Tagg Digital, Fassos, Oven Story, Oyo, Amazom Prime, etc) or try cool app with you fitness! Rewards are sent instantly!
  • Don’t forget to collect your rewards from coins section.
  • Earn more coins with missions, surveys, achievements or using the referral system.
  • Beautiful design & customisation

Free step counter app

  • Simple and easy to use, no complex menu or user interface.
  • Beautiful stats and trends display.
  • Starter guide
  • Download the app from play store or app store & open benefit app.
  • Create your account.
  • Walk ( the application will calculate your steps and convert it into coins)
  • Finally, the user will earn amazing rewards, like discount coupons and vouchers, which he/she can find in the reward section using those coins.
  • Every 100 steps you will be able to claim 1 coin autimatically, with up to 100 coins per day (10,000 steps).
  • Tap the rewards jumping on the reward section to collect your favourite rewards and add redeem it.
  • When you have enough coins, try your favourite rewards or save to buy the gift card you want!
  • Other notes

Best running apps for ios

  • There is no GPS, wristband or smartwatch required, the benefit app uses the sensors from your device to calculate everything!
  • Our free benefit app can’t be synced data with other step counter app.
  • Some older devices don’t have any step sensor; in such case we estimate the steps count based on accelerometer sensors. you may discover a few inconsistencies with other pedometer applications, however, we accept our calculation is genuinely exact. Note that some quite certain device may not check ventures by any means…

Pedometer step counter app

  • The rewards can only be obtained and used if you reside in the country where Benefit app is officially distributed! Likewise, prizes can be included or expelled from the in-application shop and lottery whenever simply look at it routinely.
  • Benefit app pedometer is totally free to use, but the app contains ads. Digital coupon codes, Vouchers or gift cards are valuable and we have to eat as well.
  • Benefit app is released in selected countries where gift cards are available, we will be releasing the app gradually in more countries in the future.
  • We hope Benefit app will motivate you to walk daily! We Just set your goals and try to beat your past performances, you will eventually reach the 10,000 steps per day

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